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Yoruba Kingdom TV Movement envisions a state where Yoruba land is given self-autonomous and as a country where the entire Yoruba young, youth, and old are given a quality dividend of democracy like every other developed nation.


The history of the Yoruba Kingdom TV Movement can be traced to an agitating group formed by a few Yoruba elites led by professor Banji Akintoye in Nigeria on 28 July 1984 clamoring for the Yoruba Nation. The agitating groups which came to be known as Oduduwa Nation in Nigeria grew under the direction of Professor Banji Akintoye. The growth of the group led to the establishment of many Yoruba agitating groups/cities including the Yoruba Kingdom Tv Movement In 2020 networking across the globe.


The group holds modernist and reformist agitation as regards the autonomous of all Yoruba Land from Nigeria. The major focus of the group is individual morality and belief along with education and socio-economic empowerment of its members. Yoruba Kingdom TV Movement holds its weekly meetings every Sunday evening via online using zoom application.

Vision Statement

Is to be a pace setting agitating organization with widespread acceptance amongst Yoruba in and outside Nigeria.

Mission Statement

Is to develop enlightened Yoruba Citizens and nurtured by a true understanding of Yoruba for the Yoruba Cultural upliftment and welfare of their brotherhood.

Shared Values

Yoruba Kingdom Tv Movement Shared Values shall include the following:
  1. Projecting the beauty of Yoruba culture in words and deeds
  2. Strict adherence to the agitation for Yoruba’s Nation
  3. Promotion of Yoruba brotherhood
  4. Recognizing equality of all Yoruba's Decedents worldwide
  5. Being Caring, Humane, and Tolerant with one and other
  6. Patience and Steadfastness in freedom of Yoruba’ Land

Our Aims and Objectives, We want:

  • To bridge the gap, both educational and economical, between the elite and the Yoruba scholars through the creation of a well-lubricated channel of communication to serve as a basis for effective interaction and exchange of ideas.
  • To create a conducive atmosphere for the unity of members irrespective of status, race, gender, or color and to strengthen in them the true Yoruba brotherhood spirit and absolute freedom.
  • To facilitate access to sound orientation for behavioral change and promoting useful research for Yoruba members.
  • To promote and propagate the agitation for the cause of Yoruba Autonomy across the globe
  • To promote and enhance the health, economic wellbeing, and welfare of members by building hospitals and establishing and promoting businesses based on Yoruba Nation’s principles
  • To assist the less privileged in the Network irrespective of their religious beliefs, color, gender or race and within the limits of the resources of the Network
  • To promote policies and programs that will encourage beneficial relationships amongst members of the Network in particular, other cultural organizations, and humanity in general
  • To support all meaningful and legally accepted activities for the advancement of Yoruba autonomous in Nigeria and worldwide
  • To undertake other activities that are beneficial to humanity.

Yoruba Kingdom TV is a media platform that speaks up and enlightens the people of Nigeria especially Yoruba on how we can come together and make YORUBA NATION possible and teaches us about our Yoruba cultures and way of life.

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